candycrush1.pngCandy Quest

At the conclusion of this activity, the student will learn the following coding commands:
  1. Sequence
  2. Repeat Times block
  3. Repeat Until block
  4. If block
  5. If-Else block

Computer Coding or Computer Programming is all around us. There is programming "behind the scenes" in many things that you encounter in your daily life. Whether or not you aspire to be a computer programmer or not, learning the ideas behind computer programming will be helpful. This lesson is designed to be fun, challenging, and teach you a little bit about computer coding. Enjoy!

Learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag & drop programming. This game teaches basic commands such as run, walk, jump, repeat, not, conditionals, and if-else.

  1. BE the monster... Put yourself in the place of the monster to decide how far to move and when to jump.
  2. Look for patterns.

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