150x150 Family Maker Logo.jpgFamily Maker Challenge - Elementary Students & Families

In an effort to expose more Dublin City Schools families to computer science education week, we have designed a Family Maker Challenge for you to do with your elementary students! Computer science is more than coding - simply put, computer science is knowing why and how computers work. That means that computer science is just as much about problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication as it is about coding! To help hit home this broader definition of computer science, we have designed an unplugged activity for Dublin City School families, meaning no actual computing device is needed, with the focusing being more on computational thinking and less on the act of coding/programming. Have fun “making” with your students and, at the end of the challenge, talk to your student about what computer science” means to them.

Family Maker Challenge Guidelines

  • The primary object from which to base your design is a 2-liter bottle
  • Optional acceptable materials - rubber bands, tape, glue
  • You may also add any other recyclable materials to aid in your masterpiece!
  • Your design must have a function that can be captured through a photo or short video - include all family members in the photo/video.
  • Your design should have a creative name reflective of its function.

  • Categories are...
    • Toy/Game
    • Life Hack
    • Adaptive Device
    • Artwork/Musical Instrument
    • Rube Goldberg Machine

  • Sharing your project... Choose the method that works best for you.
    • Tweet a picture of your challenge to #DCSmaker
    • Or use THIS FORM to submit your photo/video. You'll need to log in as a Dublin student in order to complete the form.

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