150x150 Featured Logo2.jpgFeatured Challenge Entries from Dublin Hour of Code 2016

Thank you all so much for taking part in our district-wide challenges! Here are the challenges that our students and families competed in during Computer Science Week, 2016. These challenges were meant to grow thinkers in the areas of computer science and design thinking. We hope it was fun, too!
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Here are some featured entries we think you'll enjoy...

Scratch Challenge

Press the green flag to get another letter/ word in the top right corner. To start, press the space key. You are the bug, so to control it, press the arrow keys. You are trying to get all the letters, except for the ones that are black, (hint: the one in the big letters in the top right corner). If you do eat the black ones, it's game over. There is a timer to show how long it takes you, and on the bottom right corner is a recharge flag, which makes you smaller and faster, so it's easier to win! Also, the two letter words are in bright blue, because they are harder to get. Good luck!
Click the flag to start learning math! Follow Peppa's instructions! Wait until she finishes talking to press the buttons!
Visit This Project in Scratch
Visit This Project in Scratch