The Hour of Code

People of all ages have learned an Hour of Code, a one-hour introductory course designed to take the mystery out of computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics. Participate The Hour of Code December 8-12 during Computer Science Education Week, and help light a spark for students in computer programming!

Visit to look around for activities, or to let your students explore. Beyond an hour of code, visit for additional activities.

Quick Links

If you already know which activities you want to do, use the quick links below.

Click here for a Quick Start page for Grades 4-12:


Navigating this Wiki

The navigation of this wiki is divided into 4 sections... Primary, Intermediate, Middle, and High. Each section has 4 activities.
  • The Unplugged activity is a warm-up for students to practice the concepts of coding without a computer. This can be done prior to the "official" Hour of Code week, or as an additional activity during the week of December 8-12.
  • The Hour of Code activities are online activities for students. There are lots of activities out there, so the lessons included in the Hour of Code activities have been vetted for you. The suggested activities should take 1-2 hours.
  • Extension activities are for those teachers who want do dig in a little deeper with their students. You can use the extension recommended for your grade level, or use the Hour of Code activity for the next grade level as extension.

Sharing Activities with Students

Feel free to share the link to this website with students, or share the link to individual lessons. Each lesson has a link at the top that says "VIEW FULL FRAME HERE." Click on that to get the direct link to that particular lesson if you'd like to post it on your website, list it on ProgressBook, or create a QR code for students to scan.

Apps to Practice Coding


Code Studio Online Coding Course for K-8

Do you have some K-8 students who would like a more intensive, independent way to learn coding in an engaging format? Try Code Studio! You can sign up as a teacher and easily create accounts for your students, or have students (with a personal email account) set up their own account. Only students over 13 who already have an email account should set up their own account, or you can guide parents of younger kids to set up accounts for their child.

Code Academy Online Coding Course for 9-12

High School students can work through a coding course that covers web development, and computer languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Phython, and Ruby.