captainmayi.jpgUnplugged Activity - Primary

At the end of this activity, students will be able to:
  1. Learn that commands can be used to achieve a goal
  2. Verbalize commands to move to a specific location
  3. Follow commands of others

Captain May I?
  1. Begin by designating a “Captain.” This person will change at the beginning of each game.
  2. The Captain stands by him or herself at one end, and all the other players stand shoulder-to-shoulder a desired length away (usually 10-20 feet) facing the Captain. However far away the children are, the Captain must be able to hear them.
  3. The game begins by the first child asking the Captain if they can take a certain amount of a specific type of step. Some popular steps are Baby Steps (heel to toe), Giant Steps (one maximum stride), Bunny Steps (hop).
  4. A child may take a turn asking to turn right or turn left, but cannot combine a direction (turn left, turn right) with a movement (2 baby steps, 1 giant step, 4 bunny steps, etc.)
  5. The Captain then replies with "Yes, you may," or, "No, you may not." Whether the Captain replies yes or no is completely up to the Captain's whim. However, the Captain must be impartial, or the game isn't fun for everyone. If the Captain responds to the request with “No, you may not,” follow it with “But you may take 3 baby steps,” etc.
  6. The rest of the children each asks for steps or directions on their turn. Once all have asked, play returns to the first child and continues until a child had reached the Captain.
  7. The first child to reach the Captain wins! This child also becomes the Captain for the next game.

Treasure Hunt
  1. A modification of "Captain May I?" is to put a "treasure" at a specific point in the room.
  2. Designate a starting point at another point in the room.
  3. Have students write the commands (including directions and steps) to get from point A to point B. For this activity, just have students use regular steps - utilize tile or carpet squares as a "step" if possible.
  4. Have another student follow the code to see if they can reach the treasure.